What is Sedation Dentistry and is Sedation Right for Me?

smiling woman in dentist chair

Sedation is a way to reduce pain or anxiety during dental procedures. Sedation uses drugs that reduce your awareness, but generally still allow you to remain responsive. It’s a safe procedure that highly trained dental professionals can easily administer.

What are the different kinds of sedation?

There are different levels of sedation that produce varying effects. Minimal sedation is defined by the American Dental Association as the mildest form, leaving the patient able to react physically and verbally. Moderate sedation makes you a little more “out of it” but still able to respond verbally. Finally, deep sedation creates a state of consciousness where the patient doesn’t really know what’s going on and is unable to respond verbally.

Who needs sedation?

There are two main reasons that you might want to consider sedation. First, if you tend to get anxious when having dental work done, sedation can relieve this anxiety. Even if you are minimally sedated, you won’t really be conscious of the events, and probably won’t even remember afterward. 

The second reason to consider sedation is if the dental procedure is expected to be painful. Sedation numbs your senses in such a way that you won’t perceive pain in the same way you would without it. 

Regardless of the reason you’re considering sedation, McKenzie Family Dental can help you make a plan to address your specific concerns.

Is a dentist with sedation near me?

Yes! At McKenzie Family Dental in Hannibal, Missouri, we have an expert staff with extensive training in administering sedation. If you have any questions about what sedation options are available and appropriate for your dental needs, you can reach out to us for more information.

How is sedation different from general anesthesia?

The difference between sedation vs. general anesthesia is a common question. General anesthesia is a total loss of consciousness, and the patient can’t be aroused at all until the effects of the drugs wear off. Sedation, on the other hand, allows you to maintain some level of consciousness throughout your dental procedure.

What drugs are used for sedation?

There are a handful of sedation drugs, and depending on your procedure, reason for getting sedation and medical history, McKenzie Family Dental will help you make the plan that works best for you. Some sedation drugs are taken orally, while others are through injection and some are inhaled (like “laughing gas”).

How do I learn more about sedation?

At McKenzie Family Dental, we understand that some people are apprehensive about getting dental work done, and that sometimes it can be unpleasant. Rest assured you’ll be in good hands with our expert staff. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how sedation might help during your next dental procedure.