Your Questions About Teeth Cleaning, Answered

Teeth Cleaning

Taking good care of your teeth and gums is important and your dentist is your ally in maintaining a healthy smile. In fact, the American Dental Association recommends regular visits to your dentist in addition to brushing and flossing. But many questions remain regarding best practices when it comes to professional dental cleanings. We answer some of the most common questions to help you establish your own teeth cleaning regimen.

Why is it important to get my teeth cleaned?

Regular professional teeth cleanings are important for many reasons. First of all, professional cleanings remove plaque from your teeth, something we aren’t able to do at home. Plaque not only erodes your teeth but also high levels of bacteria found in plaque are associated with higher risks of life-threatening conditions like heart disease and cancer. Gum health is also very important, and your dentist can screen for possible problems like periodontal disease. Your dentist can also screen for other conditions like cavities or other oral hazards.

Where can I find a dentist that does teeth cleaning near me?

If you’re in the Hannibal, Missouri area, then contact McKenzie Family Dental to get more information about how to get started and learn more about teeth cleaning cost and procedures.

How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

The short answer is, it depends. Typical dental insurance covers a cleaning every six months, and this is a good general rule. However, the frequency with which you need to visit your dentist for a cleaning may vary according to your specific needs. It could be either more or less frequently than every six months. The best thing to do is to establish a professional cleaning schedule with your dentist.

What if I have braces or Invisalign® aligners?

A common question we get is, how long does teeth cleaning take if I have braces or Invisalign® aligners? If you have braces then it might take a little longer during your cleaning session. This is because special care must be taken to get around the brackets and wires. If you have braces, your dentist may recommend coming in for a cleaning every four to six months. Invisalign® treatment doesn’t usually cause an increase in frequency or duration, but regular visits for cleaning also help you and your dentist monitor the progress of your Invisalign® treatment.

How do I maintain my teeth between professional cleanings?

The best thing you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy between professional cleanings is to brush and floss regularly. Typical guidance is to brush and floss your teeth twice per day and make sure to brush for at least two minutes. You should discuss your specific maintenance routine with your dentist to make sure you have the best oral hygiene plan that’s right for you.

Getting your teeth professionally cleaned is incredibly important. Your dentist can help you determine how often you need to get it done and how to best take care of your teeth and gums between visits. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how McKenzie Family Dental can help!